Hana - Dolly Style Dolls

Hana is a new character that I designed for the Dolly Style Dolls line. 

Hana's price is $158.00 plus shipping. Please scroll down for more pictures.

The Dolly Style Dolls is the new line of dolls from Dolly Style Magazine in Japan.  Both the dolls and the magazine are owned and produced by Kazue Shimoyama, owner of the BIC (Barbie in Chiba) doll shop in Japan. The Dolly Style Dolls line of dolls feature the highly articulated Dynamite Girls body produced by Integrity Toys, and our own custom head sculpt.  The dolls are produced in Japan.  The hair is hand guided rooted, this is very time consuming, and one person does all the hair styles.  The face is hand screen painted, by one person, so the quality control is very high.  The dolls feature rooted eyelashes, rooted by the same person who used to root the mod twist and turn Barbie's in the 70's.  The fashions are produced by Pb Factory, which produces fashions for Takara Jenny and Licca, as well as many other doll lines in Japan, and produces and develops products for the Hello Kitty line, among many other items including their own line of trims and sewing notions for dolls.  The dolls are limited to editions of 100 each, and are truly collector items.  They are high quality and well produced dolls that will thrill collectors of Japanese dolls.

Hana is my very own design, from her face painting and hairstyle to her fashion.  I designed her from head to toe, and could not be more thrilled with the final production doll.  There are 90 raven haired Hana, and 10 pink haired Hana that were an exclusive for the 2008 IFDC where Hana was introduced.  The pink haired version sold out immediately during the introduction seminar.  We do still have a few of the raven haired Hana for purchase.  Hana means flower in Japanese, and I named this doll after Kazue's own very sweet little girl Hana.  This first version of Hana is called "Cherry Blossom Festival" and she is dressed to attend a traditional cherry blossom festival in Japan.  The pink version is named "Pink Cherry Blossom Festival".  Her fashion is a spring dress with a strapless bodice and an asymmetrical over bodice.  The skirt is multiple layers of embroidered organza with venetian lace trim, and a lace train, and accented with organza, and satin flowers and organza butterflies. Her fashion is finished with white fishnet stockings and pale pink close toe pumps.

To order Hana please email me at rob@robsdolls.com for more information.

Hana and the other Dolly Style Dolls line is also available from Denise Travers at dtdoll38@yahoo.com or Manika at http://www.manika.com/, or through Kazue's English website at this link: http://biccoltd.ocnk.net/


Here are some photo's of the 5 one of a kind Hana's.

There are to date only 105 Hana dolls made, and 5 of those are one of a kind dolls that were sold at the IFDC convention.

First up is "Nod to Mod" Hana. She was a live charity auction doll and sold for $450.00 for the Children Affected by Aids charity.


"Hana Rocks"

"Silver Kick" Hana

"Pop Surfer" Hana

"Not So Basic Black" Hana