About Me.

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a doll artist and designer. I make custom one of a kind art dolls and small limited editions, with all work being done by hand. I also design my own doll "Hana" and doll fashions for Dolly Style Dolls, a Japanese doll line. I sell my dolls through several Japanese doll shops as well as through my own website and at different doll conventions and events. I have done limited edition Susie's for R&D Dolls, and Manika, Momoko dolls for Tom's Toys and Goods in Japan, and Misaki doll for BIC and Dolly Style Magazine both in Japan. My work has been featured in numerous magazines including Dolly Style magazine in Japan, FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly) and Barbie Bazaar. I currently live in Cincinnati, OH, but travel quite a bit with my work. I attend many doll conventions, teaching workshops at many of them, and am involved with many doll collector message boards. I am addicted to all things cute, especially Japanese toys.  Feel free to contact me via email.

Thanks again, Rob

My Kitties!

We once again have 3 cats, we lost our boy cat Mojo to heart disease in October 2004, and we lost our 15 year old girl Rhiannon to cancer December 31, 2004.  We still have our 11 year old girl ZoŽ, and we have two new kittens, a boy Mochi (Japanese for rice cake), and a girl Momoko (Japanese for little peach girl). Here are some pictures of the new kittens and one of camera shy ZoŽ!  We got our kittens at the local animal shelter, they are bright, beautiful, loving kittens, and we are so lucky and happy to have them as part of our family.

Here is baby Mochi at 6 weeks old! Here is baby Momoko at 6 weeks old!
This is Mochi relaxing on the bed!  He is 3 months old now. This is Momoko relaxing, she is 3 months old too.
Mochi wants to take the camera! Momoko is tired of having her picture taken.

Camera shy ZoŽ wonders why I am taking so many pictures! I think she was actually more interested in the birds outside the window than the camera!