Gallery of One of a Kind Dolls

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"Go Mod" Misaki "I Want Candy" Amelie "Heart Stopper" Misaki  
"Chica Cherry Cola" Momoko "Raspberry Truffle" Momoko "Azzan" Goth Guy Long hair Jacob 1
Silkstone reroot Silkstone highlights/cut 1 Silkstone highlights/cut 2 Pink and Raven Kelly
Tatyana Frost Dark Promise Erin Loki IFCD Auction Natalia #1
Red Tattoo Cher White Platinum Cher Hot Pink Cher IFDC Auction Natalia #2
OOAK Pure Neemo OOAK Monogram Tyr Cerridwen
Amelie - Pink Frosting Amelie - Sweet Dreams Poppy Commission #1 Poppy Commission #2
Hot Pink Debut AA Hot Pink Debut Raven Debut Color Magic Julia
Kyori Commission IFDC Auction Doll with Randall Craig Barbie Convention Auction Doll with Dressmaker Details Silkstone reroot Madonna Style
Fierce Natalia Truffle Adele Bon Bon Veronique Posh Natalia
Regal Vanessa Champagne Kyori Mahogany Luchia Make Mine Mod Misaki
So Silver Misaki Go Go Gold Misaki Misaki Ga Ga Baby Doll Goth Misaki
City Series - Paris Misaki City Series - New York Misaki City Series - London Misaki City Series - Tokyo Misaki
Sweet Goth Girl Misaki "P.S. Love You" Kyori Capri Kyori Cleo Natalia
Destiny Natalia Frost Vanessa Infinity Vanessa Intrigue Kyori

Moonglow Luchia Celestial Kyori Peril Eugenia Precosious Giselle
Punk Chic Misaki Scarlet Luchia Shimmer Kyori Splendor Luchia
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Starlight Vanessa Sunset Vanessa    

Dolly Style Doll - Hana Dolly Style Doll - Hana IFDC Hana Rocks Nod to Mod Hana
Not So Basic Black Hana Silver Kick Hana Pop Surfer Hana 1 Carnaby Street Kyori
Fleur du Nuit Silkstone White Platinum 70's Cher Rouge Cher White Platinum 80's Cher
Silver Pop Misaki Pink Swirl Doll Diva Prize White Pop Momoko Silver Lining Momoko
Momoko dolls for Tom's Toys & Goods in Japan... Sold through Yahoo Japan auctions.
Danse Rouge Momoko Belle de Jardin Momoko Petite Rose Momoko  
Sweet Girl Momoko Enchanted Momoko Farmers Daughter Momoko Living Dangerously Kyori

Arabian Nights / Dolly Style Arabian Nights / Dolly Style Arabian Nights / Dolly Style Arabian Nights / Dolly Style

Winters Dream Misaki Dreadfully Pink Misaki B.I.C. Misaki Bright Narcissus Kyori
White Momoko Starlet Eugenia Erin Hayworth Swept Vero
Raven Susie Cognac Cher Saucy Colette White Platinum Cher
Sassoon Isha Neo Maddox Diva Kyori
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    Fierce Adele Razor Vero
Sassoon Adele Darius Seth Trejan
Derek Reroot-repaint Francisco PR Vero Living Dangerously Kyori

Miami Vice Kyori Miami Vice Kyori Pink Barbie Learns to Cook Photo Realism Vero
Flaunt It Monsieur Z Brilliance Adele Seashore Rebel total repaint... Riveting Premier Isha

SA Adele haircut/style SR Adele haircut/style IFDC Monsieur Z head 1 Red Blooded Woman Kyori

IFDC Monsieur Z head 2 Pierre Basic Doll Wu Event Monsieur Z head Adele
Wigged Kyori Kyori Kyori Highland Fling Silkstone
Trench Setter Silkstone Kyori Glitterati Kyori
Seashore Rebel Natalia Reroot Bella Natalia Bombshell Veronique Chaud Adele
Cherry Cola Isha Cinibar Natalia Cognac Veronique Copper Adele
Golden Isha Kuttara Kyori Naturally Nadja Radiant Erin

Sayuri Kyori Ruby Adele Ravishing Veronique

Platinum Kyori

Something Hot Adele

Gliterrati Veronique Sea Shore Rebel Natalia Flirtatious as Vibrant Dimension
Volks Dollphie Kit Exotic Fire Veronique 45th Anniversary Silkstone Suite Retreat Silkstone
Final Cut Isha Red Moon Silkstone Flirtatious as Power Muse Happy Go Lightly
Natalia repaint Volks kit boy 1 Volks kit boy 2 Volks kit boy 3
Playa repaint Wild repaint Ayumi repaint First Class repaint
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Global Babe repaint Jungle Fever repaint Turquoise Swirl  

More dolls to be added...